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Diagnosing the Problem: Why Your Staffing Plan is Falling Short

For companies seeking to improve the quality and efficiency of their staffing, creating a staffing plan is half the battle. The other half is creating a staffing plan that works—and troubleshooting that staffing plan when problems arise.

Here are several common points at which staffing plans fall short, and what to do if your hiring has developed these symptoms:

Candidates are unqualified or underqualified.

If your resume pile consists largely of candidates who aren’t qualified for the job, your staffing plan doesn’t contain methods for effectively communicating the real demands of the job to candidates. Consider rewriting job descriptions and postings, or work with your staffing partner to determine who you need and how to reach them.

Your top candidates drop out of the hiring process before you make an offer.

When top candidates disappear from the hiring process mid-stream, chances are your process takes too long. These candidates either accepted another job offer, or lost interest because they feel you do not value their time. Look at ways your staffing plan can be streamlined, such as asking a staffing firm to review resumes and references for you.

New employees don’t stay on the job very long.

Your most recent new hires stuck around only a few months—or worse, only a few weeks. What happened?

Often, this problem results from a hiring process that doesn’t effectively screen for cultural “fit.” While the new employee may have the technical skills and experience to do the job, they have a work style or personality that doesn’t enhance the team’s overall approach. In this situation, both the new hire and the team suffer. Focus on expanding your staffing plan to include cultural fit, and talk to your recruiter about how to find the fit you need.

Changing your staffing plan seems overwhelming.

While this symptom doesn’t appear in the process itself, it does indicate things aren’t likely to change. Solve your sense of being overwhelmed and frustrated by calling your staffing firm. Your recruiter can help you diagnose specific problems and create the customized solutions you need to address them.

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