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Ask These Essential Questions when Picking Potential Recruiting Partner

Your recruiting partner can be an invaluable ally in your search for better talent. To get the most from your relationship with your staffing firm, however, it’s essential to ensure you partner with the recruiter who offers the expertise, skills and services that best fit your company’s needs.

Here are four essential questions to ask when screening recruiting firms:

What services does the staffing provider offer, and what experience do they have in these areas?

Nearly every staffing firm posts job ads on its website or in other venues. While the need to publicize job openings is an ongoing one, the best staffing firm for your organization will do much more than simply “get the word out.” Ask how recruiters cultivate their talent pool, whether they can help with strategic staffing plans and what other services they offer.

What is the staffing firm’s industry and geographic focus?

Certain industries thrive on hiring nationwide, due to the nature of their work. Others need a focus on local talent to help themselves grow deeper roots in their professional communities. Choose a staffing firm with experience serving your industry that offers the geographic scope you need to ensure you’re getting the type of talent that supports your business goals.

How responsive are the recruiters?

When you send a query, how quickly does your staffing partner reply? What is the average time between when you send over a job posting and when you hear about potential candidates? Ask this question early in the process; it will help you plan, set expectations and understand a bit more about how the staffing vendor works.

What’s the ideal process for feedback?

The best staffing firms welcome and encourage feedback from their clients at every step of the process, knowing the more they understand about your needs, the better they can provide assistance. Ask staffing firms you review how they prefer you send feedback and on what topics. Once you choose a staffing partner, stick to this feedback process to improve the quality of your relationship over time.

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