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Engineering Binge Watching On Netflix

For engineering professionals who are looking for shows to watch during a leisure weekend or the upcoming holiday break, Netflix has a great lineup to choose from. Here are 5 of SoloPoint’s top recommendations:

  1. Print The Legend (2014) – This is a Netflix Original documentary that probes how 3D Printing is impacting the world and the race to be the top 3D Printing producers. Though it does not discuss technological aspects of 3D Printing, this documentary does give a good insight on the business side of it by following 3D Printing giants 3D Systems, MakerBot, Formlabs and Stratsys, as they compete to be the top innovators in the industry.
  2. American Genius (2015) – This is an 8-part miniseries produced by the National Geographic Channel that explores the impact of bitter rivalries of legendary inventors, scientists and businessmen. It’s a great watch for history and technology enthusiasts.
    Standout episodes include Edison VS Tesla which highlights the rivalry between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla on their “war of currents”; Farnsworth VS Sarnoff which studied the legal ownership of the television design patent; The Space Race, an episode dedicated to the US and the Soviet Union’s race to the moon and the technology developed to get there; and Gates VS Jobs, which delved into the famous contention of Apple and Microsoft on the battle for personal computer domination.
  3. Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview (2012) – Speaking of Steve Jobs, we recommend watching this long-lost interview with the Apple pioneer in 1995 that was recently unearthed from a TV director’s garage and developed into a full 70 minute long documentary. What makes this a compelling watch is this interview took place 2 years before Jobs took the executive leadership of Apple again, so his insight of the company and the consumer electronics industry is coming from an outsider’s perspective.
    Technology Journalist Robert X. Cringely said of this interview, “There is probably 10 to 15 minutes where Steve talks about his approach to design, to product evolution, to team building and taking an idea and turning it into something that changes the world.”
  4. SlingShot (2014) – This documentary focuses on the quirky everyday life of American inventor Dean Kamen, renowned for his invention of many medical devices and the Segway, and his quest to clean up the world’s water supply using his newest invention, the SlingShot Water Purification System.
    In this documentary, it highlights Kamen’s philanthropic intention to solve the world’s water crisis through Slingshot and follows him as he develops the product from concept to trial in Ghana. The struggle to get it to mass production as well as Kamen’s unique lifestyle, musings and motivations make for an entertaining watch.
  5. A Faster Horse (2015) – On the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang, Ford opened its doors to cameras as mechanical and manufacturing engineers work on the 2015 model from sketch to production. This documentary also goes into the history of the Ford Mustang as employees reminisce on its original design and the challenge of designing a new model that upholds its legacy. It’s a fascinating watch to see how an iconic vehicle’s exterior appearance and engine are made through the collaborative efforts of engineers.

Although the upcoming holiday season is a good time to relax and watch these shows, SoloPoint Solutions will still be active and hiring up to the New Year. To see our current job openings, check out our Job Board or call us today at (408)246-5945 or (714)708-3639.