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6 Tips to Advance Your Engineering Career in California

Ready to take the next step in your engineering career?  If so, you’re not alone – and California is one of the best places in the nation to take that step.  Here are six ways to advance your engineering career.

  1. Set SMARTer goals. Every goal needs to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Based. Take a look at your career goals and make sure they fit these criteria.  For example, “I will find a job I like” is not very specific, measurable or time-based, but “I will contact a recruiter who works with engineering candidates today” might fit all five criteria.
  2. Sharpen your communication skills. Engineers who have technical skill and experience are common in the field. Less common are engineers who can “translate” their knowledge for nonengineer audiences.  Practice this skill and you’ll set yourself apart from other job seekers.
  3. Keep learning. Engineering is a constantly changing field, and you probably entered it because you had a passion for learning. Now is the time to feed that passion.  Take a course, earn a certification or simply read the latest publications in your field.  Prepare ways to talk about your ongoing learning during your interview.
  4. Network smarter, not harder. Instead of spreading your name and contact information far and wide, dig deeper into the network you already have. Make a list of people who could help you connect with employers.  Every week, set aside a day to meet one or two of these people for coffee or a lunchtime walk.
  5. Consider contract opportunities. Contract positions give you the chance to sharpen your skills, build your network and “test-drive” potential employers – and get paid to do it. Talk to your recruiter about contract opportunities while you seek the long-term position you desire.
  6. Work with a recruiter. Your recruiter can help you find hidden job opportunities, prepare for interviews and locate your dream employers in less time. Stay in touch with your recruiter regularly to maximize the benefit of this valuable relationship.

At SoloPoint Solutions, our recruiters can help you connect with some of the best engineering positions and employers in California so you can impress them with your skills and abilities.  Contact us today to learn more.