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Candidate Hesitant About Accepting Your Job Offer? Here’s What to Do.

You’ve found the ideal candidate and extended a job offer – only to discover the candidate is hesitating.  What can you do?

Early concerns from the candidate don’t have to mean the end of the relationship or a return to “square one” of the hiring process.  Here’s what to do if a candidate has concerns about accepting your offer.

  1. Ask them about their concerns. What makes them hesitate. Frame this as a desire to understand and a willingness to help.  If the candidate answers directly, you can then turn to addressing the problem.  If not, you may need to focus on selling the candidate on your offer.
  2. Plan your sales approach. Most interviewers ask candidates what it is about the position that appeals to them (and if you don’t, it’s never too late to start!). Recall what your top candidate said during the interview, if you can, and use this as your starting point.  If you don’t recall what the candidate said, think about what your candidate has said about their goals, and talk about how the position supports those goals.
  3. Get enthusiastic about your company. What do you love best about working with your company? Why did the candidate apply in the first place?  Focus on these when you talk to the candidate.  Some companies offer an exceptional corporate culture; some are leaders in their fields; some offer unparalleled growth opportunities to employees.  Whatever makes your company stand out, put it front and center and tie it to your candidate’s own goals and plans.
  4. Have the candidate spend time with their prospective boss. A significant majority of employees leave jobs because they cannot work well with their bosses. To sell a candidate on this job, have them spend time with the person who will supervise them.  Arrange a job shadowing, or simply let the supervisor take the lead on selling the job to the candidate.  The better the candidate and supervisor “click,” the more likely it is that they candidate will say yes.

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