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4 Signs of a Potential Bad Hire (Before It Is Too Late!)

Nobody wants to hire the wrong person for the job. Unfortunately, many hiring managers make this mistake at least once, simply by being unaware of the most common “red flags” that signal a potential bad hire.

Here are four ways to spot a mistake in the making – before you extend the offer:

  1. They’re late to the interview – or anything else. Showing up late, absent a solid explanation, indicates not only that the employee isn’t likely to be on time to the job. It also indicates a potential problem with accountability as a whole. If an employee is late without a phone call to let you know they’re running behind or without a profuse apology for the delay, consider it a double red flag.
  2. They can’t walk you through how they achieved a particular result. Resumes that list a candidate’s qualities – such as “intelligent,” “hardworking,” or “detail-oriented” – without listing how those qualities were put to use can be a red flag. But during the interview if the candidate fails to explain how they achieved particular results, what they did in a job, or which of those qualities came in handy, consider your red-flag suspicions confirmed. Anyone can say they’re good at something.  Make sure the candidate can detail how.
  3. Their social media sites give you pause. Looking up a candidate on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites has become par for the course for many employers. It can tell you a great deal about the candidate’s judgment and discretion. If the publicly-viewable profile contains photos, posts, or other information that gives you pause – especially if it is about their former or current employer – think twice about the hire.
  4. They don’t seem enthusiastic. Unenthusiastic or low-energy candidates should also send up a red flag. A candidate who isn’t excited about the opportunity or passionate about their work is less likely to jump in on day one and more likely to find ways to slack off. If you’re trying to choose between two top candidates, pick the one who seemed more enthusiastic and excited about the job during the interview.

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