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5 Ways to Get More out of Working With SoloPoint Solutions

You might be considering partnering with SoloPoint because of our industry expertise or because you have been referred by a colleague, but do you really know everything we have to offer? It goes way beyond the industry connections, knowledge and experience we have.

Here are just a few of the advantages you gain access to when you work with SoloPoint.

Job board. Not only can you search an extensive database of available engineering jobs with top area employers, but you can set up an alert to email you directly if an even better job comes along. This is a great resource for engineers who are short on time, but interested in seeing what opportunities may be out there.

Email newsletter. Sign up for our newsletter to take advantage of our expertise. Get regular updates on relevant topics delivered right to your mailbox. Subjects we’ve covered in the past include; 5 Steps to Creating a High-Performing Engineering Team, How to Craft a Career Development Strategy, and even an up-to-date California Engineering Salary Guide.

Employer and candidate resource centers. The employer resource center provides tools and information relating to employment law, the hiring process and staffing essentials while the candidate resource center helps job seekers land great jobs, manage their careers and keep it all in balance.

The SoloPoint blog. Our regularly updated blog is another valuable resource and one of our clients’, candidates’ and employees’ favorites. It’s a one-stop shop to keep up with the very latest in the industry, learn how to make the most of your engineering career and build high-performing employee teams. Recent content has covered how to retain top engineers, master the behavioral interview and what you need to know about 3D printing and prototyping.

Social media. At SoloPoint, we embrace social media and use it for everything from sharing the latest news, to posting jobs to engaging directly with employers, jobs seekers and the community. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ to get relevant news and updates delivered directly to your personal social media feeds!

Partnering with SoloPoint Solutions for your recruiting or job search is always a smart choice. Take a look at some of the resources listed above to see just a little of what we have to offer. But for the very best results, contact us today. Our experts are here to help you find and retain the best engineering talent or make the most of your engineering abilities and experience.