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Five Tips to Help Stay Positive Through a Long Search for an Engineering Job

Feeling down in the dumps in your hunt for a new engineering position? It can be exhausting scouring the internet for opportunities, writing and reviewing cover letters and resumes, and preparing for interviews; then getting rejection notices for jobs you thought you were perfect for. The good news is, you’re in good company and certainly not the first person to feel like this. And you shouldn’t take it to heart. As the old saying goes: good things take time.

To stay confident and positive in your job search, follow these five tips:

  1. Take a break. Sometimes your eyes and mind need a break from staring at your computer screen and typing away. Get up and go outside for a walk, or to the gym. Call and talk to a friend, read a book or see a movie. Taking a little time away can help you clear your mind and feel much more focused once you return to the task at hand.
  2. Be good to yourself. Pampering yourself a little can help to raise your spirits and get you ready when a job opportunity knocks. Buy a new interview outfit, get a fresh haircut, or take a class to keep a particular skill fresh. You might also want to do something you aren’t able to do when working full time, like read a mindless novel, go to the beach, work on a home repair you’ve been meaning to tackle, learn a foreign language, join a local sports league, spend more time with your family and friends—the sky is the limit!
  3. Take a different approach. It will shake up the monotony of your search if you change your routine. For example, if you normally peruse the internet for opportunities while you eat breakfast, leave it for after dinner. Or change the places you’re looking for jobs to give yourself the chance to find something new—attend a networking event, contact a recruiter, reach out to a colleague in your field or contact the career development center of your alma mater.
  4. Spend time with upbeat people. Happy, successful people have energy and enthusiasm that is infectious, and can help boost your spirits just by association. Maybe you have a friend or family member who always cheers you up, or maybe there’s a famous person you look up to. Make plans to talk to or spend time with the person (if it’s someone you know), or if it’s an icon—watch a movie or read a book about them.
  5. Celebrate your accomplishments. Write a list of all the things that are great about you, such as your ability to work well with others or come up with innovative new ideas. Every time you get just a little bit further in the job search process—like getting a second interview—even if you don’t get the job, remember you got a little bit closer.

Never, never, never give up

The right job is out there and you will find it. Through your commitment to your job search, you are ensuring your own success. Don’t ever give up!

A recruiting expert can help

Working with a recruiter can make it much faster and easier to find a new job. And if you’re looking for an engineering job opportunity in California, reach out to SoloPoint Solutions. To learn more, visit our job search page or contact us today!