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Engineer Gave Notice? Here’s What You Need to Do

Your annual staffing plan didn’t plan for this: One of your best engineers is going back to school.  Or accepted a new job.  Or launching a project of their own.  Whatever the reason, they just handed you their two weeks’ notice – and you need a qualified person to replace them.

What should you do?  Start here:

  1. Use your internal resources. First, who can help cover the essential job tasks until you’ve found and onboarded a new person? Make a list.  Perhaps you have a staff member who is eager to be promoted into the vacant position: Are they ready for the added responsibility?  Is there someone in another department who has cross-trained on the key tasks and could help fill in?  Look at who you have to help minimize the impact, and have your departing staff member start working with these people to ease the transition.
  2. Update your job description. Sit down with the departing staff member and a copy of the job description for their position. Ask them to look it over and note which duties on the list are “core” duties for their position.  Which ones are secondary or supplemental to these core duties?  Has anything on the list become obsolete or been moved out of their job description?  Use their notes to help you draft an updated job description so your new hire has the skills and experience to tackle the key tasks of the job as it’s done
  3. Call your recruiter. Staffing firms are constantly building relationships with talented candidates. As soon as you have an updated job description, send it to your recruiter with information on when you’d like to start considering new candidates.  Information on the type of personality that meshes best with your current team can also help your recruiter find a candidate whose approach to work offers a great cultural fit.

At SoloPoint Solutions, our experienced recruiters can help you find qualified engineering candidates in less time, so you can make better hires and keep your business running smoothly.  Contact us today to learn more about our engineering recruitment services in San Francisco and beyond.