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How to Vet Engineering Candidates If They Aren’t Active Online

The Internet has made it easier than ever to see a candidate’s background, connections, and professional trajectory – most of the time. However, not all the best candidates use LinkedIn, other social media sites, or other online tools to market themselves. When you’ve found a good candidate whose Internet presence is nonexistent, what should you do to learn more about them?

Here’s how to vet a promising candidate who doesn’t show up in a quick LinkedIn search:

Look elsewhere.

Some fields have limited members on LinkedIn by default, or the depth of information about an individual is limited. Use the candidate’s resume as a guide to where else you might find their work. A former engineering professor might keep a portfolio on; a different professional might reference a profile on a publication they write for.

Hold a first (or second) interview.

If the candidate’s resume and application look fantastic but you simply cannot find them on the Internet, get to know the candidate the way previous generations of hiring managers did: By picking up the phone or arranging an interview, presentation, or job shadowing. During this meeting, ask about specific projects they’ve completed, connections they’ve made, or work they have published – the same questions you would seek answers to online for any candidate.

Don’t go at it alone. Talk to your recruiter.

Vetting candidates in the field of engineering is no easy task; not only is it time consuming, but you are often left with mixed signals about a candidate. By partnering with an engineering recruitment firm in California, the hard work of vetting talent is put on them allowing you to focus on the business generating aspects of your company. Your recruiting partner will be able to get you the “inside scoop” on the candidate’s recent work. And if your staffing firm knows the candidate personally, so much the better – your staffing partner can give you a detailed, expert estimation of how well the candidate will fit with your company culture that no Web search can match.

At SoloPoint Solutions, our experienced recruiters can help you find qualified engineering talent California. We stand behind every candidate we recommend, because we get to know them personally and professionally. Contact us today to learn more!