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How to Craft a Career Development Plan

Your future is what you make of it. You’ve heard that often enough, but it is indeed true. If you have some big career goals you want to achieve, the time to create your own career development plan is right now.

There are several things you and your recruiter can do to help make sure you’re going to meet the goals you’ve set down for your future. Here’s a quick guide to creating your own career development plan.

Continuing Your Education

To stay stagnant is to drown in the engineering industry. That means you’re going to need to seek extra certifications in your field to stay relevant. The good news is, most employers will pay most or all of your costs for these certifications, so there is really no reason not to pursue them.

Sit down and think about which certifications are going to the most crucial to your future success. Focus on these first. Once you have those in your pocket, you can move to other certifications that will help make you a candidate of choice.

Don’t Forget About Re-Certifications

Once you get a certification, it’s all too easy to sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. Not so fast! You’re going to need to keep up on those certifications. Some will require a set amount of education hours each year, while others may have you re-test. Keep a calendar and set some reminders so that you never make the mistake of letting a hard-earned certification lapse.

Research is Always Necessary

What is going to make you the best possible candidate for an engineering job, whether it’s with your current company or a future one? Not being afraid to research new opportunities and learn everything you can about your field. Attend industry trade shows, subscribe to blogs and newsletters in your field from thought leaders and most importantly, keep learning!

Role of a Recruiter

So, that might seem like a lot of work for you to do on your own, but if you’re working with a recruiter, the good news is, you’re not alone! They can assist you in furthering your career by recommending which certifications will be the most beneficial for you and keeping an eye out for new opportunities that may arise that will further your career.

Make sure you either share your current development plan with a recruiter, or work with them to create a new one. You’ll be able to set goals together and find a way to make your future as bright as possible!

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