SoloPoint Insights

The Many Uses of SoloCAD

With SoloPoint Solutions’ SoloCAD program, we provide the latest CAD systems to our engineering candidates to be utilized for training or project purposes. We provide majority of the MCAD software that are most in demand in North and South California to support clients across all industries. More recently, SoloPoint partnered with Onshape, a cloud-based 3D CAD system, for those who wish to educate themselves in this new and innovative design program.

Before starting a contract position, we routinely ask our mechanical engineers, designers and drafters to be updated on the latest CAD. From the comforts of their home, our engineers are able to self-train on our CAD programs by accessing it remotely through This is ideal for CAD users to familiarize themselves with the latest changes in CAD functionality, menu picks and GUI.

Engineering candidates who are currently in the job market are encouraged to take advantage of this program as well. Most of the engineers who used SoloCAD wanted to practice their design skills to keep from being rusty or they simply wanted to learn a new CAD program. Either way, staying up-to-date in the latest features in CAD gives our engineers the ability to hit the ground running in their next job.

In some cases, we get requests from clients to provide engineers urgently and also provide the CAD workstations. Our SoloCAD resources are available to meet our clients’ needs quicker. SoloPoint is able to provide, not only very capable engineers, but also with first-class workstations that have the latest version of their preferred CAD loaded and ready to go.

There are many applications to which our SoloCAD program can be used. To learn more about this, contact the SoloPoint experts at (866)626-3322.