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4 Tips for Hiring Engineers in California’s Competitive Market

Today’s market for engineers is highly competitive, particularly in California. If you want to succeed as a company, you must have the best talent. The problem that many companies face however is identifying that talent, attracting it and retaining it.

Here are 4 useful tips to ensure that you have the best and the brightest engineers working for you.
1. Be Prepared to Get Competitive – Since the market is competitive, you need to be competitive too. This means offering higher wages, better benefits and more incentives to come work for your company.

Have a small engineering firm and not a lot of money on hand to make your salary offer competitive? Think about what makes you different and sell your company and its potential to candidates. Many engineers like to be a part of something bigger and will relish the opportunity to be a part of its growth.

2. Look for the Right Qualities – Are you stuck searching for a position instead of a person? While engineering requires specific skills and training, don’t be afraid to go for the bright candidate with the ability to learn quickly over the staid candidate who already knows everything.

Focus on the person – not their current knowledge base. Your brightest employees are the ones who think on their feet, learn and assimilate quickly and have that drive to succeed.

3. Look in the Right Places – If you’re still searching for engineering candidates through basic job boards, you’re missing out. Try broadening your net to include sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. You’ll attract more candidates and chances are, they’ll be the type of candidate you really need.

4. Speed Up Your Process – The hiring process is typically pretty arduous and slow. Molasses in December slow. This means that if you’re stuck wading through candidates non-stop, your competitors who are using different methods are getting the jump on the employees you really want.

Want the best way to fix this and move faster? Work with a recruiter. They can highlight their cream of the crop and help you find the right candidate in a lot less time.

By focusing on these 4 points, you can be assured that you’ll target the right type of employees, and make it worth their while to stick around.

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