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What’s Your Worth? California’s Mechanical Engineering Salary Information

If you want to be a leading candidate as a mechanical engineer, the first step is to make sure that you are educated on your actual value. All too often engineers end up selling themselves short, and when they have no advocate to help them, this can mean getting stuck with a low-pay scale and not knowing exactly how they got into this situation to begin with.

The first step is to educate yourself on the current going pay scale for mechanical engineers in your area. Make sure to specifically search for local numbers – many sites take into account actual salaries that are reported in different cities and can help you get a better idea of what your pay scale really should be.

Now, typically, you’ll see that the pay scale is represented as a range. So, how do you know where your particular set of skills fit into that range? Since the difference can be as much as a few thousand dollars per month or year, you owe it to yourself to find this out as accurately as you can.

For example, mechanical engineers in California can expect to be paid anywhere from $56,000 to $98,000 per year, according to Glass Door. As you can see a difference of $40,000 dollars per year can be quite significant. But, how can you gauge what you are really worth as a candidate to a company?

The best way to do that is to get in touch with a recruiter. They’ll be able to sit down with you and discuss your skill set in depth, as well as other factors such as your experience and your promote-ability. Seek out a recruiting firm that specializes in mechanical engineering to be assured that they know your field inside and out.

As we mentioned earlier, part of the process of finding a great job is having an advocate in your corner who can help negotiate your pay rate where it belongs. A recruiter does more than just find you work, they are invaluable when it comes to getting a company to recognize your worth. They are your advocate and they are an essential part of your job search, whether you’re just out of school or you’ve been in the field for years.

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