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How to Find (and Hire!) Engineers Who Will Propel Your Company to Greatness

If you want to have an engineering company that excels in today’s world, the key ingredient is finding talented employees. While your other processes do matter, the role that your employees play, as well as how skilled they are, are the ultimate determining factor for greatness.

So, how can you be sure that you are finding and hiring the best engineers for the job? Here are a few tips!

1. Set up a social policy for finding new hires. Whether you’re posting job openings on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, you must have a policy in place for attracting talent on social networks. Today’s engineers are using these platforms to find work and if you’re not on there, how will they find you? While job listing sites do work to some degree, your special solution for finding the hottest talent can definitely be found on social media.
2. Hire a recruiter who specializes in engineering. Most companies today already know how important it is to work with a recruiter. But are you working with a specialized recruiter? Engineering hiring is quite different than your other run of the mill employee search. You need someone who is qualified to help you narrow down your choices, find the best engineer to suit and someone who knows enough about your industry to make the best match possible.
3. Listen to that recruiter. Once you find a recruiter who specializes in engineering, it’s very important to have a lot of transparency in your conversations. You’re going to need to listen to the recommendations they have and you’ll need to make sure you’re supplying them with enough information to make you the best possible match. If you don’t have this kind of communication with your recruiter, you may not end up happy with the results you get.

By setting up a smart policy now, you’ll be assured that the top candidates you need will be working for you – instead of someone else!

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