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Should a Candidate’s Post-Interview Follow-Up Factor Into Your Hiring Decision?

Undoubtedly, as the person in charge of hiring, you’ve been inundated with resumes and are sifting through quite a few candidates. Sometimes, your choice is pretty clear and other times, it’s going to be a lot harder to decide which candidate is going to be the perfect fit.

Should whether or not a candidate follows-up after their interview factor into your decision? In many cases, the answer to that question is a resounding yes.

While it shouldn’t be the sole criteria of your decision, whether or not the candidate takes the initiative to actually go to the trouble of following up does matter. Let’s take a look at just a few of the reasons why the candidates who do follow-up should be moved to the top of your list.

First, a follow-up shows that the candidate you’re dealing with is professional, and has taken the time to do all that they can to stand out from other applicants. Unfortunately, that does not happen very often, and when a someone does take that extra step, it definitely is going to have some merit.

Next, the follow-up shows you just how much a candidate really wants the job. Someone who is actively pursuing employment with your company is typically going to be an employee who is willing to work hard and willing to go that extra mile. We can all use more employees like that! While it’s not always a 100% guarantee that the candidates who do follow-up are going to be exemplary, it does raise the odds.

Are you looking for someone with management potential down the road, or is this a position that requires leadership skills? Defintiely look for the person who follows-up. This is going to be the type of personality that you’re going to want to promote in your organization. Someone who can’t be bothered to take that extra step is probably not going to be a good fit for that type of position.

Lastly, someone who follows-up after an interview, particularly if they sent an actual physical note, is going to be someone who is going to take great care of your customers. The art of the follow-up extends way beyond the hiring process. If you are hiring for a sales or marketing position, you’re going to want to pick the candidates who do follow-up. It’s a natural reaction to them – and it’s an absolutely vital skill you need in sales.

There are no guarantees in life or hiring, but you can increase your odds of finding the perfect candidate with a few key criteria. And the follow-up is a criteria that cannot be ignored.

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