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Top Articles You Might Have Missed in 2014

As the end of the year draws close, it’s a great time to look back over the past year and see what you’ve learned and what you can look forward to over the coming year. In that spirit, we’ve rounded up four of our most popular posts from this past year.

Five Leadership Traits to Look for in Candidates

This post delved into the most important traits you’ll ever find in a candidate – traits that help them become great leaders. No matter what position you’re trying to fill, finding someone who has the potential to take on a leadership role in the future should be first and foremost. In this article, we described the top five traits you need to be looking for when you interview a candidate.

Are You “Selling” Yourself in Your Job Search? How to Be Proactive, Not Pushy

Next up, we have a post for candidates who are trying to find a job, and finding it a bit difficult. Managing the fine line between putting yourself out there and coming off as too pushy is not an easy task. We provided some great tips to help job seekers walk that fine line and find the job they really want.

What Would You Print? Amazon’s Custom 3D Printing Lab

One of our favorite articles from the past year was this one – asking the question, what would you print on Amazon’s custom 3D printing lab? Some of the responses we got were hilarious and it’s fun to think about how far this technology has come. What would you print?

SoloPoint Solutions Launches New Website and Job Board

And finally, one of the things we’re very proud of and excited to mention is the redesign of our website and our new job board. Engineers sometimes struggle to find quality job postings in their field and we are very happy to be able to provide this resource to them and to employers looking for top level candidates.

Which posts were your favorites from 2014? Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and we can’t wait to keep providing you with more news, posts and trends in the coming year.