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Five Leadership Traits to Look for in Candidates

Not many candidates wish for a job where they can remain stagnant for the next thirty years and never move ahead. In fact, most of us are looking for a career where we can earn our place up the ladder. Before you go to your next interview, it is absolutely vital to showcase some specific leadership traits that are necessary for advancement.

While there are no guarantees in life, if you display many of these qualities, your chances of advancement in your career of choice are much higher. If you want to be a leader, you’ve got to be able to lead and that means, you’re going to need to broadcast your innate traits and talents for this type of position.

A Solid Work Ethic

Instead of being the last to arrive and the first to go home, a leader is someone who arrives early and stays late. A leader is someone who is not afraid to work hard and apply themselves above and beyond what is expected. If you have these traits, first make sure you display them in your resume and cover letter by pointing out your past achievements. Next, pick references who can easily attest to your drive to get the job done right.

Guiding Ambition

Leaders are never content with remaining stagnant. They abhor “average.” While the word ambition sometimes gets painted with a broad brush as someone who is ruthless, that is certainly not the case. Don’t be afraid to show that you have an ambition to achieve specific goals in your life and in your career.

A Dash of Humility

That said, no one likes a braggart either. A true leader balances ambition with true humility (not false humility.) That doesn’t mean you can’t toot your own horn. It does mean that you are willing to attest to an overall team effort in the achievements you have made. Don’t forget – there is no “I” in team. A great leader is also a great team member.

The Ability to Stay the Course

When the going gets tough, where are you? Are you right there making sure everything falls into place, or are you someone who jets out and looks for someone else to blame? Leaders find a way to stick with projects, even if they aren’t going well. Make sure you illustrate this trait during your interview. When you are asked to describe a situation, pick one that highlights your stick-to-it-iveness.

The Ability to Inspire

How many great leaders do you know that were boring? Chances are, not many. Great leaders have the ability to inspire other people around them. Think of leaders like Churchill or Roosevelt. When they gave speeches, people listened. People rallied to their cause. There’s a reason these leaders words are still talked about today, eighty or so years after the fact. They inspired everyone and continue to do so today.

Think about how you inspire others and focus on mentioning a few of these situations to illustrate how you motivate others.

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