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How to Leverage Staffing Data to Achieve Better Hiring Outcomes

Data has grown increasingly easier to compile and analyze. How can this data be used to reduce hiring risks when hiring engineers? While a good part of the hiring process is necessarily subjective, adding data analysis to your decision-making process can stack the deck in your favor.

What can you do with staffing data?

Attract better engineers. Analyze internal data to create job descriptions that gain the attention of in-demand engineers. Crafting job postings is part art and part science. Getting it right can make a big difference in the quality of applicants you see. Data analytics can help.

Benchmark salaries. Analyze local and national compensation ranges to be sure that you are not over (or under) paying talent. Pay too high and it adversely effects your bottom line. Too low and you’re not going to attract or retain quality engineers that your business demands.

Hire large numbers of employees at once. When you need to bring on many people – dozens or hundreds, maybe – for a large project, recruiting, screening and interviewing can be a daunting task. You may have three or four times as many interested applicants as you need for the open positions. Start with data analytics to narrow down the pool before the hiring process starts in earnest.

Eliminate ill-suited candidates quickly. It’s possible to miss a diamond-in-the-rough, if you are looking for candidates with a very specific skill set or credentials. But programming your resume screening software with the right keywords can shorten the time it takes to establish a set of applicants to interview.

Predict success. Collect data on current engineers to determine what qualities top performers have. Rate applicants against these standards to better predict who will excel at your company.

Don’t forget the human factor. The entire purpose of using this data in the hiring process is to make the hiring manager’s job a little easier. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the interview. You very well may make your final decision based on your gut.

But data analytics can help shorten your time-to-hire, reduce the time you spend with unsuitable candidates and ensure that your recruiting processes and compensation strategies are effective.

Of course, working with an engineering recruiter can also lead you to better talent quicker. Not only will they have access to the best engineers, they will be able to analyze and leverage your existing staffing information to ensure a great hire. Contact SoloPoint Solutions today if you need help finding top engineering candidates in California.