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Six Android Apps Every Engineer Should Install

We recently covered engineering apps that are available on the iPhone platform and now it’s time to take a look to see what’s available for those who prefer the Android platform. While much of the focus for engineering apps is on the iOS platform, you may be surprised at all of the new apps that are currently available in the Play Store for engineers.

Mechanical Engineering 101

This app is ideal for engineering students and those in the field alike. With thousands of different formulas to remember, it never hurts to have an entire refresher course right in your pocket. Mechanical Engineering 101 covers theory, formulas, the basics and much more. It’s literally like lugging around one of the best textbooks you’ll ever find on the subject. While this app isn’t free, the nominal price tag of $1.00 is more than worth it.

Engineering Unit Converter

Ever wished you could easily convert one unit to another? You’re not alone. Millions of engineers have downloaded this handy app that performs calculations for you in an instant. It’s got a great support team of developers and they regularly add new units to convert with each update. Surprisingly, this app is completely free to download and update and it can be used offline as well.


Android users now have a high quality app for sharing CAD files and opening them on their smartphones. We liked the overall quality of the images and the ability to take your files with you wherever you go. CAD View 3D MFC isn’t free, but it is currently priced at under $5.00. That’s a small price to pay for this kind of convenience.

Mechanical Engineering Mag

Mechanical Engineering is one of the leading engineering industry publications and it’s finally available online via this Android app. Easily access thousands of industry articles and further your career by staying up to date on changes and new innovations. This app is free to download, but there are fees to access premium content.

Droid Tesla

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this app, it’s quite powerful. You’ll be able to calculate, simulate and solve numerous types of electrical circuits using KCL and KVL. This app is provided in free and pro versions, and the pro version is well worth the upgrade.

Electro Droid

It’s easy to see why over one million people have downloaded this incredibly handy app. From the color codes, to the database of sources to its many onboard calculators, this is one app that can do just about everything an engineer needs to do. There are two versions, free and pro. The free version is somewhat limited but still provides plenty of functionality.

There are thousands of engineering apps for the Android platform, and it is clear that developers are focusing on this market. Don’t forget, if you have a great idea for an engineering app that would help others in your field, designing and creating an app is easier than you think!

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