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Are You “Selling” Yourself in Your Job Search? How to Be Proactive, Not Pushy

In today’s competitive job market, candidates need to be prepared to take some definitive action in their job search. Being proactive is necessary if you want to stand out from the crowd, but that doesn’t mean you have to be pushy and put off of potential employers. Here’s how to walk that fine line and ensure that your chances of landing the position are high.

Don’t Be Afraid of Self-Promotion – But Back it Up

There’s nothing wrong with tooting your own horn to draw attention to your accomplishments. If you can’t sell yourself during an interview, the interviewer might wonder if you have anything worth their time. The difference between bragging and self-promotion is what matters here.

When you bring up past accomplishments, cite specific times where your skills and knowledge helped solve problems or brought value to your employers. This isn’t bragging, it’s stating your case and illustrating what makes you stand out as a candidate.

Saying it The Right Way

In many cases, the subtle difference between proactive and pushy is simply how you say something. Take a moment to list your past accomplishments. Don’t use any adjectives, just write down your skill sets, your special knowledge and any extra training that you’ve had. Now, read through that list aloud and see how it sounds. Work on your tone – you’re going for a businesslike approach that is matter of fact, not bragging.

Develop the “We” Not the “I”

Want to ensure that you don’t sound pushy? Whenever you talk about your past accomplishments at a company, or your specific skills, avoid using words like “my,” “I” and “me.” Instead, shape your comments around the greater “we.” This will let the interviewer know that you are first and foremost a team player – someone whose skills benefit the company as a whole and that you’re not someone who is interested in blatant self-promotion. It gives the impression that you know how to work as a team, not as a grandstander.

It may help to practice your approach with a few friends that you can trust to give you honest opinions. Work on how you talk about your accomplishments and get comfortable with what you’re saying. In some cases, it’s all too easy to come off as push or as self-promotional, simply because you’re nervous. As you get used to talking about your accomplishments and skills, you’ll feel more comfortable and your tone will become more natural.

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