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The Best Jobs are Always “Hidden” – So How Do You Find Them?

While some companies rely on job postings to find new talent, when it comes to higher management positions, these jobs can be “hidden.” Instead of relying on postings, these positions are filled by working with recruiters, or through networking.

If you are looking for a new position in management, and want to work for a top company, it can be frustrating if you do not have the right connections. However, there are several ways to find these “hidden” jobs, if you know where to look.

Hidden Jobs

Higher ranking job listings are often hidden because companies do not want to broadcast the fact that they need new talent. This could put them at a disadvantage with their competitors and in the case of a public company, it is not heartening for investors to know that certain positions within the company are lacking.

This necessitates a different strategy of attracting candidates and this also means that it can be more difficult for candidates to find positions with these companies. Instead of being a catch 22 situation, this strategy works for companies who want to quietly find the best talent, since they are able to utilize their own networks instead of publicizing their openings.

Different Strategies

The first step towards finding these “hidden” jobs is knowing people in positions of power at different companies and making a good impression on them. This involves attending networking events, volunteering and generally trying to find someone of influence who can assist you in your search.

While this strategy is sound and can be very beneficial, it takes quite a bit more time to find a position and there are no guarantees.

Working With a Recruiter

In order to greatly increase your chances of landing one of these key positions, it is much better to work with a recruiter. They’re going to have access to these elite jobs and they can match you with employers who need your skills.

The first step is contacting a recruiter and setting up a meeting to go over your skill sets and work history. They will be able to advise you on any current openings that might be a fit for your skills, or they can keep you in mind for future positions when they open up. Working with a recruiter greatly decreases the amount of time you’ll spend on your job search and can be greatly beneficial if you want access to these high paying, “hidden” jobs.

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