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Top 10 Engineering iPad Apps

As more of us begin to rely on our tablets not only for our own personal use, but also for work, it’s helpful to find the best apps that can make our jobs easier. There are several engineering apps for the iPad that can help automate several daily tasks and make sharing projects much easier. Let’s look at the 10 best iPad apps for engineers. All of these apps are available in the iTunes store for download.

Graphing Calculator – With this app, you can easily perform even the most complex calculations on the fly. You can also take screenshots of your graphs and email them to yourself through the app to save them.

HVAC Professional – For engineers dealing with heating or cooling loads, or the complex calculations needed to size furnaces and duct work, this app makes the entire process a breeze. Everything you could ever need for an HVAC project is available on this app.

Engineering Professional – Easily access more than 650 formulas, all in one place, with this amazing app. Perfect for students, or engineers on the go who don’t have time to lug around reference material.

FingerCAD – Easily draw CAD images on your iPad! This app is just as powerful as the apps you’re used to using on your PC.

AutoCAD WS – This app makes it incredibly easy to share CAD files back and forth with your team. You can easily annotate and edit drawings on the fly, and everyone in the sharing circle will be updated with the latest version.

Mechanical Engineer – Designed for mechanical engineering professionals, this app contains the most commonly used 300 formulas that you’ll need on a daily basis.

TouchCalc – This app is actually 3 calculators in one, including a scientific mode, statistic mode and a bit/integer mode. Ideal for those who don’t want to have a lot of different apps for calculating different needs.

Engineering Unit Conversion – This app is perfect for students and engineers out in the field who need quick and easy access to a conversion utility. We found it to be very powerful and quick.

TurboViewerX – This is a great app for viewing CAD files, both in 2D or 3D. You can email the files directly into the app and then use the 3D zoom to see the file from every angle.

LuxCalc Fluid Prop – This advanced app allows those in the thermal analysis field to quickly and easily compute thermophysical properties on the fly.

Before you struggle on your next job, consider downloading a few of these apps. Not only will they make your life easier, but you’ll also improve your productivity and make your jobs go quicker.
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