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Calming Nerves Before an Interview

Feeling stressed before a job interview is perfectly normal. Human nature is such that we don’t want to feel as though we’re being judged, and that is exactly what is going to take place during an interview. Conquering your nerves will not only help you give a better impression during a job interview, but it will also help you display the confidence you need to get the job you really want.

Getting Prepared

The more you know about the position and the company where you’re applying, the more comfortable you’re going to feel. Do a search online and go through the company’s social profiles. Research the position that is currently open and focus on the skill sets you have that match it. This will help you feel more confident when you realize just how qualified you are.

It’s also a good idea to take some time before the interview to pump yourself up. If positive affirmations help you, try doing those in front of a mirror before you leave for your interview. Play music that puts you in a good mood on your way there and maintain your good attitude all the way through the interview.

Proper preparation is essential for getting past the usual butterflies that you’ll be feeling before an interview.

Stay Positive

In many cases, a job candidate may have all the necessary qualifications for a position, but they still don’t get the job because they appear uncertain, nervous and have a negative attitude. Make sure you are programming yourself for success before your interview. If you go in with the attitude that you’re probably not going to get the job, you’ve just predicted the future.

Get a positive mindset and this confidence will help you power your way through the interview.

Work With a Recruiter

It can even be helpful to sit down with a recruiter and schedule a coaching session. They will be able to provide you with tips on managing your nerves and getting through the interview process. Some will even stage mock interviews to help you get more comfortable. They can also go over some common job interview questions beforehand and even help you prepare a few of your own.

The more you practice, the less nervous you’re going to be. Remember, even though you aren’t the only one applying for the job, you are the only one that has the unique characteristics that make you what you are. Don’t take anything personally and keep working towards improving yourself and you’ll find the job that is best suited for you.

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