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Energy Department Announces $9 Million to Improve Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies

For years we have been trending, as a society, towards adopting greener energy methods in vehicles and large appliances. Although much progress has been made, there are more efficient technologies available, but the funding to develop these technologies hasn’t been there.

The Energy Department is taking steps to change this and jumpstart innovation in hydrogen and fuel cell technology. The department recently announced that they are going to provide up to $9 million dollars in funding to help develop more efficient car batteries and refueling components. This new development will have a positive impact on green companies and engineers who are involved in creating these technologies.

The department will be selecting projects that focus on the following areas:

Fuel cells to create hybrid, medium duty trucks. Trucks are essential in many industries, but unfortunately, they are not an efficient means of transportation. By developing special fuel cells that can handle the increased demands of a pick-up, millions of gallons of fuel could be saved over time.

Fuel cell back-up systems. Right now, many companies rely on traditional back-up power systems to ensure their operations run smoothly. Projects focusing on creating alternatives using hydrogen fuel-cells are being sought by the Energy Department for funding.

Hydrogen refueling components. This area will address issues related to how well hydrogen can work as a refueler as well as developing new technologies to make it a more feasible alternative.

This new funding measure spells success for those involved in engineering. For engineering students or existing engineers with a passion for creating more efficient technology, the sky is the limit right now. As more attention is paid to developing energy efficient devices and utilizing hydrogen and fuel cells more, this sector of the engineering employment industry is poised to take off.

In addition, it also opens up pathways for young engineering entrepreneurs with great ideas on how to utilize fuel cells more efficiently. For those with experience in these fields, and developing projects, submitting their ideas could mean receiving a portion of this allocated funding.

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