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SPOTTED: The Picarro Surveyor In Motion

Cool Technology-at-work:

Picarro Surveyor driving through Santa Clara County. Photo by Dean Le
The Picarro Surveyor scanning the air. Photo by Dean Le

This Picarro Surveyor was recently spotted in Santa Clara County by SoloPoint Solutions CEO, Dean Le. This surveyor is used to “sniff” out possible gas leaks in the area by having the instrument mounted on a car and the data gets collected using a geo-informatics platform. This means the air analyzed by the surveyor gets plotted through a GPS map. The way the Picarro Surveyor was engineered is to distinguish natural gas isotopes from other forms of methane with no false positives. The data collected then can be generated, plotted on a map and shared in a secured cloud platform.

Dean’s comment about the mechanical design aspect of this device as “pretty amazing, given that it can detect gases at parts per billion level.”

To learn more about the Picarro Surveyor, visit their website at: