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ETO Technology Helps Decrease Engineering Time 90%

Engineer to Order or ETO software has been around for some time, with the first applications showing up in the 1980’s. While ETO software is critical to the engineering process, some inherent flaws in the way these applications worked kept many companies from seeing the full potential. Typically, these applications are complicated to learn, even for engineers, and once mastered, the workflow process was slow and ungainly.

Thanks to a new release from Tacton Systems, this problem has been solved with an amazing result. The improvements to this ETO application, TactonWorks, have been shown to cut engineering time down by around 90%. That is very significant and spells a big change coming in the engineering world.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation, (MCO), started using this software in 2011 and they are the ones who reported the shocking improvement to their workflow. Its automated processes and superior quickness had a major impact on MCO as well as their suppliers, who began using TactonWorks a few months ago. The company was so impressed with this result that they plan to convert more of their systems over to TactonWorks.

“We are amazed at the amount of time we’ve saved since starting to use TactonWorks—and this after implementing it in only one part of our product assembly. We really believe in this solution and are eager to start using it for our other models as well”, says Mr.Yasuhiko Omi, Director of Plant Engineering Division at Technology Management Center, MCO.

Christer Wallberg, the CEO of Tacton Systems added, “We are very happy to see a customer get such fantastic return after using our solution for only a short period of time. We look forward to seeing how much more time they will save in the coming phases of the project.”

These new advances will have a huge impact on the engineering industry as a whole. Saving time means saving money and this is something that companies always want to hear. That money can go into hiring new engineers and improving their teams even further, so that they can stay competitive in today’s marketplace. This is great news for engineering candidates. Not only will companies reap the benefits from using TactonWorks, the end-user and suppliers will also benefit from this time and money saving capability.

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