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3D Scanning Meets 3D CAD

In the past, converting a 3D scanned image into a CAD drawing was a complicated process. It required the use of at least two different applications and the results from importing scans were not always the best quality. This creates slow-downs in the production phase and also makes it more difficult to design efficiently. In addition, when it comes to 3D scanning, applications were few and far between. Engineers had a choice of using inexpensive or free software with few capabilities, or extremely expensive software that still was lacking.

Thanks to a new application from Geomagic Spark, this problem is soon to be a thing of the past. Instead of having to rely on separate applications during the design process, engineers can quickly and accurately scan in their 3D images, continue on to the CAD modeling stage and work in both 3D and 2D environments smoothly.

While the current price-point will not appeal to casual users, it is definitely well within the range of professionals and given its capabilities, well worth the overall cost. Another great feature of the Geomagic Spark app is that once you’ve completed your image, it can easily translate into dozens of other formats, meaning that it will be easy for users to share, regardless of their platform or software of choice.

Geomagic Spark has the potential to revolutionize the workflow of engineers involved in 3D design and as new improvements are announced, it will only gain in the power that engineers crave. The timing of this launch from Geomagic coincides with the drop in price point for 3D scanners. Previously, they cost between $10,000 and $30,000 but now this has dropped to a much more reasonable range of $2,000 to $3000. All of these factors are causing companies to take note of this technology and many manufacturing companies are beginning to embrace the industry.

What does this mean for engineers? Easier workflow translates into higher productivity rates and new positions will soon be opening up for those who are able to master these applications. The engineering field is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the world and the trends indicate that this is going to continue for some time.

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