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Demand for Injection Presses Rise, Impacting Technologies and Job Outlooks

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, auto and parts makers are relying more heavily on new technological advances, like the injection press. These new processes are not only more efficient at producing plastic parts for vehicles, they are also more economical. There’s a big shift coming in this field, as was highlighted during the recent Tech Day event at the Proper Group, in their Warren headquarters.

The event also highlighted recent changes in automotive plastic technology, including spinning cube molds and multi-shot molding. Attendance at the event was at an all time high as more automotive parts makers begin to embrace this technological shift.  “The reason they’re looking to the next wave of technology is to help reduce costs, for the overall production,” said Paul Caprio, CEO of KraussMaffei Corp., the U.S. unit of Munich-based KraussMaffei AG.

KraussMaffei AG is headquartered in Kentucky and recently brokered a deal with Proper Group to provide them with spinning cube molds and numerous injection presses. The Proper Group is opening a new plant in the Warren area and has plans to expand their operations to other states and Mexico as well.

This facility across the street is going to be a specialty facility for two-shot,” said Joe Grippe, Proper vice president, speaking at the headquarters building. “We’re running lenses in there, and really capitalizing on the technology that KraussMaffei brings to the table.”

The Tech Day event showcased a multicomponent machine weighing 1600 tons. Visitors to the event had the rare opportunity to see just how this type of machine engineers plastics, as they watched it create two-toned red and white taillights. These advances are relatively new to the United States market, having been first embraced overseas before finally trickling over to our shores.

This news is exciting for those in the engineering field, particular for new graduates or those about to graduate. As the demand for this technology grows, the outlook on the job field is even better. For candidates with experience in working with injection presses or have a desire to work in this automotive field, there will be plenty of jobs to go around. For students wondering what to emphasize in their course of study, this news also helps highlight areas that are undergoing extreme demand.

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