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Open Ecosystems Enables Development of TSV-enabled 3D IC Chip Stacking Technology

United Microelectronics Corporation and STATS ChipPAC announced recently that their first 3D TSV-enabled IC Chip Stacking project was successfully completed. The chip also passed their first stage reliability testing. Of note was the fact that the project is one of the first to be completed using an open-ecosystem collaboration.

Shim Il Kwon, the Vice President of Technology Innovation at STATS ChipPAC stated, “The next level of chip integration is rapidly evolving, and 3D IC technology is poised to enable the next frontier of IC capabilities for customers under various deployment models.”

“We see no imperative to restrict 3D IC to a captive business model, as UMC’s development work with nearly all the major OSAT partners for 3D IC has been very productive. Our successful collaboration with a leading OSAT partner like STATS ChipPAC has further established the viability of an open ecosystem approach. This model should work especially well for our mutual 3D IC customers, as foundry and OSAT can utilize their respective core strengths during development and delivery, while customers can benefit from keeping supply chain management flexible and realize better transparency over technology access compared to closed, captive 3D IC business models,” said S.C. Chien, the vice president of Advanced Technology Development at United Microelectronics Corporations.

This is a major development in chip technology and both companies are going to continue their innovative partnership. In this test, UMC provided the manufacturing of the FEOL wafer, while STATS ChipPAC provided the wafer backside integration, fine pitch copper pillar bump and precision chip-to-chip 3D stacking and water thinning.

This new work spells more demand for qualified engineers. As the push for the new development for better, faster and more functional chips expands, these high powered companies are looking for the best and brightest engineering talent. College students interested in engineering, with a passion for working in research and development, are well suited for these new opportunities. The ability to have such a major impact in this industry is exciting, particularly with the growth in the consumer mobile market and the enormous demand for the creation of new faster and more productive chips.

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