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There is Not an App for These Hot Engineering Jobs!

As much as our world has evolved over the last five years thanks to cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices, the job world has also evolved. These evolving technologies mean that consumers are “always on,” with instant access to email and the Internet through mobile devices. This insatiable demand for mobile devices and fast connectivity has put high demand on the consumer electronics industry.

Companies in the industry are being pressed to develop new technologies, devices, and software applications.  As a result, this has led to increased demand for individuals with the skills to develop these technologies; including, Mechanical and Manufacturing engineers.  Often lost in the hype of dazzling touchscreens and fancy Apps is the critical need to design and manufacture hundreds of thousands of mobile computing devices and their accessories.

Industrial Designers are needed to ensure the devices have aesthetic and ergonomic appeal.  Mechanical engineering skills provide critical packaging of increasingly complex and numerous electronic components.  Manufacturing engineering knowledge ensures successful high-volume fabrication and assembly of devices often dealing with overseas manufacturers.

Individuals working on the physical aspects of these mobile computing devices need to have advanced expertise in many areas. In order to create complex surfaces and features, Industrial Designers and Mechanical Engineers will need advanced CAD skills and modeling techniques using design software such as PTC Creo or Pro/Engineer, Catia, NX, and SolidWorks.  In addition, due to the high-volume nature of these devices, engineers must rely heavily on Finite Element Analysis and simulation to verify their design and ensure successful tooling for manufacturing.

Once a new product has landed on the shelves, consumers instantly start demanding accessories and software used with the device. Engineers are constantly tasked with designing and producing many types of accessories, including cases, docking and charging devices, speakers, and wireless peripheral devices.

Well-known consumer electronics manufacturers such as Apple Computer, Nokia, Ericsson, HTC, Google, Amazon, and Blackberry are constantly sourcing and competing for good mechanical and manufacturing engineers to produce enabling devices for their mobile computing technologies.

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