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Want Top Candidates? Then Have a Killer Hiring Plan in Place

Your company is only as strong as its employees and if you’re not finding the top candidates you want, it’s time to take a look at your hiring plan. In many cases, the quality of the candidates you will attract is directly linked to your strategy in finding them and hiring them.

Developing a hiring process that hits on all the key points will help ensure that you will gain access to today’s best new engineers and technical employees — and you’ll be the one they want to work for.

Target the Right Candidates

 The first step in developing a better hiring process is to sit down and list all of the qualities of the ideal candidates you want to attract to your company. Put down all of the different attributes, skills and previous experience you want them to have. This gives you an idea of your target market. Just like with marketing, you want to make sure you are hitting the right group. Take the time to develop your dream on-paper candidate and then incorporate this into the next step — finding the right candidates.

 Advertise in the Right Places

 Today’s candidates are tech savvy and heavily reliant on social media. If you’re not using outlets like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to attract candidates, chances are you are missing out on the people you really want to hire. While job boards will always have their place, you can’t afford not to go to the place where the best candidates are going to be. Make sure your presence on these sites is well fleshed out and begin utilizing your own social media activity to recruit new employees.

Another facet to finding the right place to target candidates is working with a recruiting firm. Not only are they going to have access to pre-screened and pre-qualified candidates, they can take your information that you’ve already put together for your target candidates and go out and find the best people for the job. For companies who don’t have the human resources staff available to actively recruit, this is an ideal solution.

 Make it Attractive to Accept

You’ve gone to all of the trouble to target and find your perfect candidate — how are you going to make sure your competition doesn’t lure them away? It is absolutely vital to make sure your compensation plan is attractive and up-to-date. Look around to see what your competitors are offering their candidates and find a way to make your offer even sweeter.

A recruiter can also help you develop and flesh-out a compensation strategy that will be attractive to today’s best talent as well as cost-effective for your organization.

Do you have questions about developing your own unique, killer hiring plan to start attracting better candidates today? Ask the experts at SoloPoint for help right now!