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Growing Demand for Consumer Electronics Means Great Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers

How many people do you know that have a smartphone or a tablet? Chances are, most everyone you come into contact with has at least one device and that demand is ever increasing. The forecasted growth over the next five to ten years in this industry is astounding and that is definitely great news for mechanical engineers.

What This Means for Engineers

As more and more people become reliant on consumer electronics, this has opened up numerous opportunities for mechanical engineers. Not only will there be more jobs in this industry, but they will also pay better and even entry-level mechanical engineers have the capability of making around $50,000 a year or more. Not many industries offer that kind of salary for entry-level positions. Once you’ve got experience under your belt, you can expect to make even more money, with average salaries coming in at around $70,000 to $75,000 a year for highly qualified mechanical engineers.

High Demand Means Better Opportunity

Not only does this demand translate into higher paying positions, it also translates into better opportunities for mechanical engineers. Instead of having to take a job you sort of like in this field, you’ll have the option to take your pick from a variety of jobs that you will really love and that you’re well qualified to do. Consumer electronics engineering is an exciting field that offers a wide variety and the ability to impact the lives of millions on a daily basis.

Increase Your Chances of Landing a Great Job

This new demand means that companies are beginning to recruit even earlier. If you’re currently majoring in engineering and you have the desire to shape the future of consumer electronics, now is the time to shift your focus to this industry. Start looking for summer internships with companies in your area that specialize in consumer electronics. This will help cement your chances for landing a great job right out of school and help you develop some powerful connections in this industry.

In addition, now is also a great time to start making connections with recruiters in this industry. You’ll have the opportunity to start shaping your career early on, before you even graduate. Even if you’re already in this industry or have mechanical engineering experience, working with a recruiter will increase your chances of landing a higher paying job that is more exciting and more rewarding.

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