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3D Printing Industry Boom is Great News for Job Seekers

Thinking About a New Career? The 3D Printing Industry is Growing Fast

Once a thing of science fiction, 3D printing, or additive manufacturing as it is also called, is one of the hottest growing industries in the engineering field. A recent report in Forbes indicated that over the next three years, this industry is expected to grow to $3.1 billion, and doubling within six years.

This is unprecedented growth and spells success for those who specialize in this industry. If you have a natural talent for design or engineering, this growth is definitely good news for you. This industry has a need for qualified designers who understand CAD design and the creation of 3D models, which in turn can be turned into actual products through the use of specialized printers.

Currently, this type of additive manufacturing is being used to create parts that are used in the manufacturing process of planes, automobiles and other vehicles. In fact, an engineer was able to create an entire car using 3D printers – and the car got up to 200mpg with the use of its specialized back-up engine.

As this technology evolves, soon more cars and entire products will be able for creation using special materials and 3D printers. It is even estimated that in the future,  consumers will be able to order CAD designs online, and print the products they need at home, as the prices for 3D printers continues to drop. This means that the average consumer could simply order the design for a wrench or other household product and have it printed out instantly on their computer.

While this particular technology is at least a decade away, amazing advances are being made daily and this is one of the fastest growing fields for new hires. If you’re looking for ideas on what to major in for your schooling and you already are interested in engineering or the design process, majoring in engineering with a focus on 3D printing may be a very good career move. If you’re in a similar field right now, taking extra classes with this emphasis is a great idea to ensure that you stay on top of your field.

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