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New 3D Sensor Could Revolutionize Automation

Sensors have long been used in automation and most recently, even for home use, such as the Kinect sensor that allows users to be a part of the video game they are playing. Thanks to that Kinect technology, a new 3D sensor has been developed that has the potential to completely change the automation industry.

EVT, a company in Karlsruhe, Germany, announced the release of their Industrial 3D eye recently. This new sensor will broaden the current use of robotic control by allowing robots to have a better sense of depth perception. This in turn means that robots will have increased capabilities for sorting and object recognition. For assembly lines, this announcement could have an enormous impact.

The new sensor works by giving robots a palette that has to be matched up to a specific number of items. They then have to gather enough objects to complete the new palette they are working on. This new EyeVision system will also allow robots to be able to access all the data available on a specific object within the palette so they can ensure that all the correct components are being used.
The object can be scanned during the process, or even during the gripping and sorting process, which allows for less mistakes and a faster turnaround time for creation. A library must be pre-loaded with all the product data, which is then sent to the robot for processing and can be pulled up, on-demand, when necessary.

Currently, the available image processing methods include the ability to read via OCR/OCV, the ability to scan a bar code or QR code and DMC. The sensor will also allow for measuring tasks.
EVT’s newest release will undoubtedly inspire engineers to continue their innovation to come up with even more powerful sensors that could completely change the automation industry.