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Innovative Management Tips to Motivate Employees

Motivating your employees can be a challenge, particularly when you don’t necessarily want to use monetary awards. However, what you may not realize is that many employees are motivated by non-monetary rewards and you can actually raise your productivity rates, improve morale and keep your workforce motivated just by practicing a little innovation with your motivation techniques.

On the plus side, most of these techniques are little to no cost motivators, which not only helps your bottom line but they are also great ways to increase sales and overall productivity, benefiting your company even more!

1. Set up a Recognition System. Recognizing achievements and making sure that employees know they are valued is a great motivator for your team. Whenever an employee goes above and beyond, thank them both personally and publicly. Setting up a recognition system ensures that your employees will want to try harder to be included. Instead of the tired “Employee of the Month,” or special parking places, mix it up by offering a free lunch to the employee who achieves the most recognition during the month, or even offer a special gift certificate or tangible reward like a prize.

2. Offer Additional Paid Training and Certification Potential. Your employees want to be able to better themselves, but quite often, they can’t afford special training and certification programs. This is particularly important for IT or engineering employees. Make it possible for them to advance their own careers by offering special paid training opportunities and certifications. This keeps your staff motivated not only to produce for you, but to produce for themselves as well.
3. Offer Leadership Roles to Qualified Employees. Sometimes, employees want more than a little recognition, they want the ability to use the skills they have earned to lead others. While you may not have an opportunity to promote qualified employees to management positions just yet, you can give them some leadership ability, whether it’s through leading a team or a task force, or assigning them more duties within the sphere of their current position.

4. Offer Paid Time Off Opportunities.  One thing that all employees appreciate is a little paid time off. You can incentivize projects by offering a paid day off to the employee who finishes on time or ahead of schedule, or find ways to incorporate this reward into their daily tasks, whether it’s a paid day off for perfect attendance or some other benchmark.

These ideas may seem small, but they present different opportunities for employees to self-motivate, hold themselves accountable and achieve more for your organization.

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