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Hybrid Modeling Technology Evolves

In the past, two modeling systems were primarily used, parametric and direct modeling. For many years, there was a long-standing debate between engineers on which particular system was best. Both had their advantages, but typically, you were forced to work with one or the other.

This was a disadvantage for engineers who wanted the features of one program, but were forced to work with the other. This led to the demand for a hybrid modeling technology that could utilize the benefits of both systems to the highest advantage. No longer did engineers have to settle, they could get the best of both worlds.

At first, these hybrids were less than perfect, but it was better than the previous system. However, thanks to some new evolution, hybrid modeling technology is moving ahead and engineers are going to be able to benefit. Vendors are creating new software modules that include both modeling types and they are able to integrate the two better than before.

SolidThinking has been at the forefront of the modeling integration movement for several years and they are continuing the innovation process. Altair recently acquired the company, and announced the newest release of solidthinking Evolve 9.0, which represents a massive improvement over their previous version of 8.5.

Evolve 9.0 is designed with engineers in mind, addressing the most common issues they face in the field and making the early stage of development easier than ever. Creating realistic models with the software is incredibly easy and engineers get a choice of the best features of parametric and direct, all in one, easy to use and intuitive application.

SolidThinking states that thanks to their foundation in the belief that both modeling types could be integrated, they have been able to make consistently better applications than their competitors who were forced to learn how to integrate the two.

Darren Chilton, the program manager working on Evolve 9.0 stated, “Everything we develop has the hybrid approach in mind. It’s much easier if you start from ground zero and design something exactly to what you want, rather than take capabilities you already have and make them work together.”

We were impressed with Evolve 9.0 and find it easy to use, and incredibly powerful. As these technologies continue to change, engineers will be the ones who benefit as it becomes easier than ever. With companies like SolidThinking developing applications that are created with engineers in mind, the future certainly looks very bright.