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Use New Technologies to Develop a Systematic Hiring Process

With numerous means available for screening applicants, it’s becoming easier than ever to develop a systematic hiring process. Instead of relying on going through resumes and interviewing, you can add a few more steps to the process to ensure that you are getting the absolute right candidate for the job. This process takes out the guess work and helps you narrow down the field more accurately.

While you’ll still need to have the initial phases of the hiring process include going through resumes and interviews, there are definitely a few things you will want to add to your process.

1. Personality Evaluations. Ideally, you should evaluate your existing team before you start the hiring process. This not only helps you gauge the type of personality you’re looking for in your candidate, but it also helps you manage your existing team more effectively. There are numerous personality tests and evaluations that are available to human resource managers. Many of these can be accessed online or you can have a special application built for your company. While your candidate is being interviewed, if they appear to be a good fit, schedule them to take this evaluation.

2. Skills Tests. The next phase in the process is measuring their actual skill level against what they’ve put in their resume. You can have an application created solely for your company’s use, or if you hire infrequently, there are several standard applications that can be used for this process. Schedule the skill test at the same time as the personality evaluation.

3. Job Fit Assessments. Now that you’ve got all of this extra information at your fingertips, you can go to the last phase of the systematic hiring process and put all of your data together. Use the personality tests to determine who will be the best fit in your existing team. For example, for management, you’re going to want to focus on the leadership type, while other positions are best suited to the personality types that work well in a team situation. This will help you narrow your field down where you can lastly apply the results from the skill tests to determine your best candidate.

Creating this step-by-step process will help you save time and reduce the amount of new hires that just don’t fit in your organization.

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