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CFD Tool adds Moving Object Simulation

As the need becomes greater to integrate the capabilities of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) more software developers are stepping up to the plate. The latest releases are proving to be quite promising, particularly for those who require 3D printing.

CD-Adapco, a software provider, recently announced the release of their software, STAR-CCM+, a utility that allows users to drive their CAE projects from a CAD environment, reducing the amount of back-and-forth that engineers have to do when operating in both systems. This release may just revolutionize CAD design and 3D models. This software fully supports 3D printing, and gives engineers some much needed and capable tools to get their jobs done.

One of the best capabilities of STAR-CCM+ is its ability to use overlay meshes. This allows engineers to plot out range of motion much more accurately and make changes during the process to ensure that the final product is workable. Unlike other programs, STAR-CCM+ allows engineers to use the mesh overlay as they edit, eliminating the need for time consuming remeshing or morphing for the project.

So far, CD-Adapco sees this tool being most useful for engineers in the aerospace, automotive and marine sectors, allowing for the creation of intricate 3D models in much less time and with much accuracy.

In addition, STAR-CCM+ allows engineers to store analysis results and modification requests within the application. This makes it easier to see design change requests throughout the course of the project and map out what has been done and what still needs to be completed in a much easier fashion.

STAR-CCM+ also has a new type of interface, called indirect mapped interfaces, which makes the process of setting up CHT cases less time consuming. Without a doubt, other sectors will soon begin embracing this software thanks to its wide range of features, intuitive UI and the short learning curve for engineers.

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