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STEM Needed to Support Tech Future

Without a doubt, our society is becoming increasingly reliant on technology. This translates into more companies embracing this technology which in turn creates a need for more qualified engineers and technical employees.

In response to this potential demand, the US government is introducing what they called STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education. STEM is being touted as a way to begin increasing the amount of students who are interested in this fields, and as such, creating a entirely new group of future new hires that are highly qualified for jobs in the tech and engineering industry.

Tech leaders are jumping on board this proposed program with fervor. Some are even proposing that the government take the next step and provide additional funding for students who are interested in these fields of study to further widen the talent pool.

Not everyone is in agreement however that STEM is a good thing. Some engineers have pointed out that while it’s a great idea to encourage kids to embrace technology fields, the problem the United States is currently facing isn’t a lack of talent, it’s economics that are driving jobs overseas. These nay-sayers see the potential for creating a glut in the talent pool if too many are encouraged to go with this field of study, only to find out that the majority of jobs that are available are overseas.

STEM is a good thing, and it is vital to increase the number of qualified tech employees. Technology is going to expand and we need to be ready to embrace these changes as they occur. However, we also need to work at encouraging smaller businesses to thrive and support existing businesses to ensure that this next crop of engineering talent will have a place to go when they graduate.

It’s a double-edged sword and it is only prudent to make sure that we are prepared to face the future in terms of talent availability and job availability.

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