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The Three Types of Interviewers Engineering Candidates Will Face

While everyone is different, there are definite personality types that you will run into while you’re interviewing for an engineering position. Understanding how these interviewers work will help you develop your own style for handling what they throw at you and will increase your chances of getting through to the next stage. Think of these personality types as the gatekeepers, and you’ve got to know the password to be able to pass through.

The Skeptic

This is the interviewer who has worked for this company since time began (or close to it!) They have literally seen it all and to be honest, they have enough experience to know which candidates are going to work and which ones simply won’t.

You’ll have to break through this interviewer’s wall by being engaging, on your toes and most importantly — know your stuff. Study up on the company and what they do. Be prepared to defend your skills and accomplishments.

This is one of the hardest job interview types you’ll ever go through, but if you’ve got it together, you’ll pass with flying colors.

The Monotone Questioner

This is the interviewer who has probably already seen 20 other candidates today and they’re more than a little bored with the whole process. They’ll fire off a series of questions, usually in a monotone and make notes. You won’t get much interaction out of this type, they simply have too much on their plate and they’re trying to get through to the next person.

Don’t take it personally! Do your best to shine and stand out. If you can get them off of their broken record, they’ll appreciate it too. Don’t feel badly however if the interview ends without any real interaction beyond questioning. If you’ve given them the right answers, and you’ve got a good background, you’ll make it through to the next level.

The Traditionalist

The traditionalist interviewer has done this before — a lot. They will ask the most interesting questions that are more personality based and will want to get to know you a little better. While this is the most intrusive interview style, it’s also one of the most productive.

All you can do is be prepared, look sharp and turn your personality onto full stun.