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Keep Your Employees Engaged All Summer Long

As we grow up, particularly in America, summer time is the time to play. Even as adults, it can be very difficult to stay on task when it’s beautiful out and the last place you want to be is behind a desk. Your employees are undoubtedly feeling the same siren song and it’s vital to keep them engaged at their task during the summer season.

This can be easier said than done, but with a little creativity, you can ensure that your employees will stay engaged all summer long.

1. Create specific goals with milestones. One of the best ways to get your employees on task is make it very clear what the final goal is, and what each one needs to do to achieve that goal. Once you set up a goal and milestones, make it fun to achieve those milestones by offering rewards, particularly if the tasks are completed well ahead of schedule.

2. Offer some time away. In many cases, the way to help employees focus is give them what they want — but on your terms. If the team reaches a goal ahead of schedule, offer them a paid day off, preferably on a Friday to give them a long weekend. They’ll be appreciative and much more likely to work hard to get that paid day off.

3. Make it interesting. Competitions are a great way to get your employees focused on their jobs and not the great outdoors. While you don’t want to pit them against one another in a brutal fashion, offer rewards for performance (again, the extra day off is a great motivator in summer). Set team performance goals as well to keep the entire team working together towards their collective goal. Find new ways to spice up competitions and make the rewards well worth the effort needed to achieve them.