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New Autodesk 360 Transforming Traditional Engineering Workstations

Cloud computing has revolutionized numerous sectors and it’s only natural that it would soon impact the engineering world. Autodesk PLM 360 is the newest release from Autodesk and its poised to take center stage.

Unlike traditional CAD software which is platform specific, Autodesk PLM 360 runs cross-platform, and that’s not all it can do. This newest release functions as a multi-tenant program, allowing numerous installations across several workstations. These installations will auto-update, removing the risks of using out-of-date software and missing important patches.

According to the company, Autodesk PLM 360 will ship with nearly 140 applications, each designed to facilitate product creation from its initial phases right down to replication and model creation. With this new application, companies will have access to numerous tools that will not only make the design process easier and more effective, but it will also make product creation more accurate and much simpler.

“Our savior was the cloud — it became real, apparent, and workable, and it led to the idea that we can now build something from the ground up that’s dramatically different from the rest of the market, which is what we needed to have,” said Buzz Kross, Autodesk’s senior vice president of design, lifecycle, and simulation.

Now that Autodesk has released this new version, the race will be on to develop more cloud based auto CAD applications to compete. However, few have the market share that Autodesk has captured, or the ability to create custom applications that truly serve the engineering world.

While a cloud based CAD program has long been anticipated, Autodesk has shown that they not only still have command of the market but that they truly care about what’s important to developers and engineers.