The Future of Securing Information: Dissolvable Materials?

If you are a fan of science fiction literature, this new advance may not shock you, but the regular population might get quite a jolt once fiction becomes reality. Currently, researchers at Iowa State University are working on creating technology that performs a specific task – and once that task is complete, the device is… Read more »

Robotic Development & Navigation Makes Breakthrough

Although it sometimes appears as though machines are smarter than humans, there are a few things that we can do better. For example, navigation is actually much easier for humans than it is for computers. This is due to the way we learn to navigate. For example, if you prefer to use landmarks, such as… Read more »

New Solar Panel Materials Development Increases Efficiency, Decreases Costs

We all know how important developing new sources of energy is, and how vital it is to come up with new ways to produce power. As a society, we are desperately reliant on our power sources, and natural resources are becoming limited. In the push to develop a less expensive, more reliable and eco-friendly power… Read more »