Picking a Recruiting Firm: 5 Mistakes that Could Cost You Great Engineering Jobs

Choosing a recruiting firm is an important decision.  A recruiting firm that provides a poor fit for your career goals may offer little support, or may continually direct you to job openings that are unsuitable for your aspirations. To ensure you choose the right recruiting firm for your needs, it’s important to avoid these five… Read more »

When Was the Last Time You Audited Your Job Search Communication?

If you’ve been seeking a new engineering position for a while, chances are your communication has become routine. Your cover letters all start the same way, with the employer’s name and job title inserted for each new job. Your resumes have become standardized. Even your post-interview thank-you notes have gotten stale. If you haven’t taken… Read more »

Make Smarter Hiring Decisions by Harnessing the Power of Your Staffing Data

We develop hiring processes that are designed to sift through job candidates and hopefully find the person who will be ideal for the position. However, there are many variables and it can be difficult to find the right hire, particularly if you are only using resumes and interviews to make your decision. By collecting, quantifying… Read more »

New Robot Combines Sensor Technology with Adaptive Mechanics for Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation process for stroke victims can be long and painful. If the stroke has a large impact on the communication centers of the brain, it can be difficult for patients to communicate to their physical therapist which can create further issues during the rehabilitation process. Engineers are developing systems to respond to this need,… Read more »

There is Not an App for These Hot Engineering Jobs!

As much as our world has evolved over the last five years thanks to cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices, the job world has also evolved. These evolving technologies mean that consumers are “always on,” with instant access to email and the Internet through mobile devices. This insatiable demand for mobile devices and fast… Read more »

Cold Calling Professionally to Make New Connections and Find a New Job

If you’ve reached an impasse in your job search, or if you simply want to transition your career, there are a few techniques you can try to improve your luck. The first step is getting your name out there and networking with the right people. If you don’t have a networking event or local event… Read more »

How Important is Corporate Culture When Evaluating a Candidate?

If you want to lower your turnover rates and ensure that the candidates you hire are the perfect fit for your organization, it is vital to take some time to compare your current corporate culture to their unique personalities. Taking the time to seriously look at how employee personalities integrate with your organization will ensure… Read more »

Hybrid Modeling Technology Evolves

In the past, two modeling systems were primarily used, parametric and direct modeling. For many years, there was a long-standing debate between engineers on which particular system was best. Both had their advantages, but typically, you were forced to work with one or the other. This was a disadvantage for engineers who wanted the features… Read more »

What Kind of Personality Traits Should You Look For in an Engineering Candidate?

There are several key personality traits that you should look for in your engineering candidates. These personality traits should be evident during the interview process and can be used to help you narrow down the right candidates for the position. While you can’t paint all engineers with the same brush, the top players in the… Read more »