Hiring Team Can’t Agree on a Candidate? Here’s What to Do

Having two or more outstanding candidates from which to choose is an enviable position.  Less enviable is the situation in which the candidates are outstanding, but the hiring team is deadlocked on which one to hire. Here are some suggestions for resolving a hiring team conflict over which candidate to hire: Put emotions aside. You… Read more »

Game Changing Additive Manufacturing CAE Coming Soon

Computer-Aided Technologies are constantly evolving and at SoloPoint Solutions, we want to keep an eye out on these new innovations. We came across this great article from Engineering.com that features a new CAE software currently in Beta testing mode that can potentially be a game changer for mechanical engineers who utilize 3D Printing: 3DSIM has… Read more »

Engineers’ Salaries Explored

Salary plays a big influence in the hiring and job selection process. It is a a critical topic for job seekers and hiring managers alike. To examine this important subject further, we went to Salary.com, a website powered by CompAnalyst that has reliable information about employee pay levels and compensation-related best practices. Using Salary.com’s database,… Read more »

How to Follow Up During the Application Process (without being too pushy)

You’ve just gone through the application and interview process and thought it went pretty well. Now, the least favorite part of anyone’s job search: waiting to hear if you’ve gotten the position. While most employers move pretty quickly, you will run into a few that move more like molasses. So, how can you follow-up without being… Read more »

SoloPoint Costa Mesa Is Moving To A New Location!

Announcement: As of August 27, 2015, the Costa Mesa branch of SoloPoint Solutions will be relocating to a new office. We invite you to visit us at: 3080 Bristol St. Suite # 440 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Direction Our phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same. We look forward to welcoming you to… Read more »

SoloPoint Saw Latest Medtech Innovations At MD&M West 2015

The Medical Device and Manufacturing (MD&M) West Show held its annual conference on February 9th to the 11th at the Anaheim Convention Center, celebrating its 30th year of exhibiting the newest in the medical technology (medtech) field. As a provider of engineering talent for the medtech community, SoloPoint has been a frequent attendant of this… Read more »

Why You Should Take a Recruiting Agency’s Call

We’ve all faced a time when a recruiter has called us and not wanting to get involved, we either ignore their calls or we simply don’t take the time to talk with them for a few minutes. This could be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make in your career. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently… Read more »