Top Reasons You Should Consider Relocating for an Engineering Job

Engineers in California have a number of opportunities to apply for and land new positions.  Often, however, a job opening will require you to relocate, even if you’re staying within the same state. If you’re looking for a new engineering position and would like to stay in California, you may still need to consider whether… Read more »

The Secrets to Writing a Killer Engineering Cover Letter

Job seekers frequently pay too little attention to their cover letter when applying for jobs. Engineers and other technical professionals are doubly guilty of this. Why? Because we’re data people! Our instinct is to think that everything is detailed right there in the resume, so why do I even need it? But a cover letter… Read more »

3D Printing Revolutionized Through New Technology

For the past 25 to 30 years, 3D printing has been using technology that builds an object one layer at a time. While it is still an incredible process to observe, it is quite time consuming. To date, there have been few advances in this method. However, thanks to some research from Joseph M. DeSimone,… Read more »

How to Find (and Hire!) Engineers Who Will Propel Your Company to Greatness

If you want to have an engineering company that excels in today’s world, the key ingredient is finding talented employees. While your other processes do matter, the role that your employees play, as well as how skilled they are, are the ultimate determining factor for greatness. So, how can you be sure that you are… Read more »

Multiple Offers? How to Decide Which is the Best Fit For You

For any candidate, receiving multiple job offers is a dream. However, when it comes time to choose the right one, it can be more of a nightmare. How can you be sure that the one you pick is the perfect fit for you? If you want to avoid job seeker’s remorse, it’s important to use… Read more »

Engineers Work to Develop Electronic Switch Only Three Atoms Thick

Do you remember when the worst thing that could happen to your electronics was to have them bend? Just ask an iPhone user who upgraded to the iPhone 6, only to have it bend in their pocket. It wasn’t a good thing. But that may be changing. In fact, we could soon be facing a… Read more »

Five Leadership Traits to Look for in Candidates

Not many candidates wish for a job where they can remain stagnant for the next thirty years and never move ahead. In fact, most of us are looking for a career where we can earn our place up the ladder. Before you go to your next interview, it is absolutely vital to showcase some specific… Read more »

Will Relocation Help Fast-Track Your Engineering Career?

Even though the economy has shown strong signs of recovery, there are still issues with unemployment, particularly in some sectors. In many cities, there are as many as 20 qualified candidates for every position that is open. This makes it incredibly hard to compete and some job seekers are finding it very difficult to land… Read more »

Top 10 Engineering iPad Apps

As more of us begin to rely on our tablets not only for our own personal use, but also for work, it’s helpful to find the best apps that can make our jobs easier. There are several engineering apps for the iPad that can help automate several daily tasks and make sharing projects much easier…. Read more »

Calming Nerves Before an Interview

Feeling stressed before a job interview is perfectly normal. Human nature is such that we don’t want to feel as though we’re being judged, and that is exactly what is going to take place during an interview. Conquering your nerves will not only help you give a better impression during a job interview, but it… Read more »