Developing Your Soft Skills: Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Them

The name “soft skills” often leads professionals in engineering to ignore these essential capabilities in favor of developing their technical expertise. While technical skill is vital for engineers, “soft skills”—better known as “transferable skills”—are the abilities that allow you to showcase that technical skill in a way that moves you along your career path. Here’s… Read more »

What’s Your Worth? California’s Mechanical Engineering Salary Information

If you want to be a leading candidate as a mechanical engineer, the first step is to make sure that you are educated on your actual value. All too often engineers end up selling themselves short, and when they have no advocate to help them, this can mean getting stuck with a low-pay scale and… Read more »

Engineering Students Harness Sounds to Bend Light on Chips

As you know, the speed of sound is significantly slower than the speed of light. That’s why when you see a plane, it takes a little longer for you to actually hear it. Then, is it possible for sound and light to exist in the same space? Researchers at the University of Minnesota discovered a… Read more »

Six Tips to Master a Panel Interview

If you thought preparing for a one-on-one job interview was stressful, things can really seem fraught with anxiety when you have a panel interview scheduled. Some companies prefer this time saving method that allows several department heads and hiring managers to sit in on an interview at the same time and chances are, you’ll probably… Read more »

New Technology Provides Solutions to Create Smooth Surfaces on Materials

As our reliance on our mobile devices grows, so grows our need for faster communication. A team of researchers recently announced that they have developed a new technique that will allow curved surfaces to appear flat to antennas. This means that instead of bouncing around on surfaces, radio waves could travel in a much faster… Read more »

Innovative Modelling Technique Leaves Expensive Prototyping a Thing of the Past

A recent study, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A journal indicates that prototype modeling may soon be a thing of the past. Researchers from the University of Bristol are currently working on a new modeling technique that has the potential to completely reshape the way we build engines and other complicated parts…. Read more »