Putting Things in Perspective to Get the Job: Understanding WHY Someone Is Hiring

Many job candidates focus on the objective details when they pursue a job.  They prioritize when applications are due, what skills the employer is seeking, where the job is located and how much it offers in compensation. While these details matter, job seekers who place them at the center of their concerns miss a vital… Read more »

6 Tips to Advance Your Engineering Career in California

Ready to take the next step in your engineering career?  If so, you’re not alone – and California is one of the best places in the nation to take that step.  Here are six ways to advance your engineering career. Set SMARTer goals. Every goal needs to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Based…. Read more »

Engineers Develop Material that Can Change Color Based on Force

A breakthrough new material developed by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley can change color based on small amounts of force applied to its skin. By making small etchings on a super-thin silicon film embedded in a flexible membrane, the material’s producers can choose what colors were reflected depending on how the material… Read more »

Design 2 Part Show Highlights American Manufacturing Services

On May 20, SoloPoint Solutions attended the Northern California stop of the Design 2 Part (D2P) Show held at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The D2P Show was originally started in the mid ‘70s by Ben Edwards to show USA’s capabilities in manufacturing innovation and technology. 39 years later, it still is the hub for… Read more »

Maximize Employment Chances With a Professional Cover Letter

You already know how competitive the job market is right now and how difficult it can be to land an interview, yet alone a position. When you’re going up against hundreds of other qualified candidates, you need something that is going to help you stand out from the crowd. You’ve already put a lot of… Read more »

There is Not an App for These Hot Engineering Jobs!

As much as our world has evolved over the last five years thanks to cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices, the job world has also evolved. These evolving technologies mean that consumers are “always on,” with instant access to email and the Internet through mobile devices. This insatiable demand for mobile devices and fast… Read more »

New iPad App for CAD Design

Although there are numerous CAD based apps available for the iPhone and iPad, engineers have not gotten that excited about the prospects to date. Although it’s nice to have these apps available, when it comes down to it, these devices simply aren’t suited for processing the large files that CAD drawings produce and the process… Read more »

What Kind of Personality Traits Should You Look For in an Engineering Candidate?

There are several key personality traits that you should look for in your engineering candidates. These personality traits should be evident during the interview process and can be used to help you narrow down the right candidates for the position. While you can’t paint all engineers with the same brush, the top players in the… Read more »