Fastest Growing Manufacturing Sectors

Manufacturing has seen a steady growth in hiring since 2011. This is shown throughout all factions of manufacturing, but there are some sectors that have seen a faster rise than others. Industry Week, a website that tracks manufacturing news and trends, recently published a report compiled by Headlight Data on manufacturing sectors that have seen… Read more »

States With The Highest Salaries For Tech Workers

As part of its Annual Salary Survey results, prominent job search site has released a list of states that have the highest salaries for tech employees. Although it was to no surprise to see that California tops the list, the continuous rise in salaries in other states show a healthy and optimistic outlook on… Read more »

Let Go From Your Engineer Job? 5 Things You Should Do Immediately

Whether or not you expected the news, hearing you’ve been fired is never a pleasant experience. Fortunately, you can begin taking steps immediately to position yourself for a new job opportunity. Here are five things you should do as soon as you hear you’re being let go from an engineering job: Tie up any loose… Read more »

How Often Should You Update Your Engineering Staffing Strategy?

Having a staffing strategy in place allows you to find better candidates in less time and hire more efficiently. Once you implement a strategic staffing plan, however, it’s wise to update it periodically to reflect changes in your industry as well as the growth your company makes because of hiring stronger candidates. When is it… Read more »

Top 5 Facts About Manufacturing In The U.S.

The outlook on the manufacturing sector continues to be positive as the Bureau of Labor and Statistics has reported that manufacturing’s unemployment rate remains at under 4% and maintains over 300,000+ job openings every month since April 2014. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), an organization dedicated to the advocacy of manufacturing in the U.S.,… Read more »

How Do Engineers Jump From One Industry To Another?

As many research and news media have said, the current job market is hot. More and more mechanical, electrical and manufacturing engineers are taking advantage of this by exploring options within multiple industries. But how to make the jump from one industry to another? Here’s a blog post from, a website where members of… Read more »

How to Prepare for Multiple Engineering Job Interviews

Landing the interview is a major milestone in the job search process. When a company is genuinely interested in you and your work, however, you’ll rarely participate in only one interview. Instead, you’ll communicate with the organization multiple times in various interview formats—and you’ll need a distinct set of tactics for each. Here are tips… Read more »

What’s New In AutoCAD 2018?

Every year, CAD Makers like Autodesk and Dassault Systems would make enhancements and add new features to its CAD software. We have already covered the newest features of SolidWorks 2017 earlier this year, so it’s time to shift the attention to AutoCAD 2018: Another year has gone by, and the team at Autodesk has been… Read more »

Why You Should Outsource Your Payroll Administration

Why should you outsource your payroll administration? Because it will save you time, money and manpower, and shift the focus back in growing your business. Take a look at this article from Small Business Computing Magazine on why payroll outsourcing might be a good venture for your business: As your business grows, you may face… Read more »

Top Things to Review When Auditing Your Staffing Budget

Staffing comprises a significant portion of the annual budget in most organizations. Consequently, companies often struggle to find outstanding talent without increasing the amount they spend on staffing each year. When auditing your annual staffing budget, asking the following questions can help your organization determine whether your staffing funds are being spent effectively—and identify ways… Read more »